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Surfing SUP style is the stuff!! I was hooked from the beginning and Mike and Aimee were super awesome. They hooked me up with a board for a great price and their tours are fabulous. Thanks guys…see you next week!

-- David New

I love Mike and Aimee! Stand up paddle boarding has totally changed my life. THEY have totally changed my life. When I was trying out the sport, Mike allowed me to test several boards to determine what I liked best. I purchased two of them: one for long distance paddling and one for surfing. I am very satisfied with my purchase and continue to take lessons with Urban Kai monthly to push me to the next level. 

-- Heather Hall

Stepping on the board for the first time felt like taking a step into the huge unknown, but with the efficient lesson from Mike and Aimee, I was up and paddling in no time. Stand Up Paddling was a fun & adventurous, yet relaxing outdoor experience! It was a great way to explore Tampa’s surroundings and marine life...paddling 5 feet away from a dolphin was the highlight of my summer!

-- Jen Lynch

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is so rewarding when I get to see dolphins, stingrays, even turtles during my daily exercise.

-- Emily Ghosh