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NSP DC PUMA 14' X 24 Pro Carbon DEMO


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (813) 598-1634 to order.

NSP DC Ocean Race Elite CNC 14' x 26" Brushed Carbon Paddleboard

For this design, Dale, Travis and Alain worked together to create a board that could be raced in small ocean conditions through to flat water. Drawing inspiration from outrigger canoes, NSP has reduced the width, added roll in the bottom and lowered the deck. The result is a low center of gravity and bullet like performance through the water. Travis Grant rides the 14’x24.5” Pro Carbon model, which has won in numerous races dating back to the 2013 Battle of the Paddle distance race, and more recently the Carolina Cup in 2015. For 2016, the design has been further refined – and proven, with a win by Travis in the Cline Mann race in Hawaii.

Color: Blue

Specifications: 14'0" long x 26" wide; 303.5L volume; 9'' fiberglass hatchet fins; 13.1 kg.

DC Brushed Carbon Tech Features

NSP's mid-range racing construction. By working hard on material qualities and matching designs in 2015, NSP now offers the Brushed Carbon range. A full-vacuum molded construction featuring a carbon deck and rails with a wood sandwich in the standing area, it offers a fantastic blend of value, weight, stiffness and performance. With a hand-finished ‘brushed carbon’ paint finish to minimize weight and efficiency across the water, the Brushed Carbon Series is ideal for the majority of competitive paddlers looking for a real edge when it’s time to set the paddle and go!