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King's Dauminator

The Dauminator is our most popular high performance Stand Up models. This board does everything incredibly well and paddles so fast it feels like a race board. The Dauminator is great for flat water paddling in oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and harbors. The Dauminator is loved by everyone who rides it. This model will give you a smooth fast glide across the water. Although originally designed to be surfed, the Dauminator is one of the fastest paddling boards around. Customers call and write us all the time to tell us how they love this board!

For you surfers, the Dauminator allows you to carve turns and easily paddle very long distances. The Dauminator has great drive off the bottom, fast trim speed, excellent nose riding, and a loose feel. This board lets you to milk every ounce of energy from a wave. It likes to be ridden on waves from 6" up to 4'. The Dauminator Model is designed for all skill levels; from beginner through expert.

Starting at $1,695