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Onit XC 8oz Xtreme Cream


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XC increases speed by reducing friction on the surface by over 15%! Xtreme Cream is FASTER THAN ANY HYDROPHILLIC (attracts water) COATINGS, SANDED OR ROUGHED UP FINISHES, 100% satisfaction gaurantee! Tested and used in the extreme conditions of high performance offshore racing community for improved performance and handling XC, is now formulated and packaged by On It Pro for surfers and paddlers. Use for better response, reduced paddle fatigue, access to bigger waves and more radical tricks. It resists salt and dirt and gives the surface a beautiful protective shine to keep your investment looking like new. Your sand finish will almost look like a gloss coat, but will be much faster!

XC's exotic high-tech polymer base, aggressively bonds with the epoxy or polyester resin surface lasting over two months! Because XC is more slippery than water, it reduces drag and produces more speed for better performance.

The surface will wipe down to an amazing shine keeping your investment looking like new!

XC utilizes Aurora Marine's proprietary polymer VS721. It was originally developed for the marine and aerospace industries to reduce drag on boat hulls and the fuselage of aircraft. It was proven on the race course by winning the Offshore World Championships, National Championship as well as numerous other competitions and awards. Through continuing R&D we discovered that it had other applications including a substantial improvement in performance of Surfboards, Paddleboards and Outrigger Canoes.

Independent tests proved that XC reduced drag on the planing surface by 16% at 20 mph. This means increased speed, agility and acceleration that is critical to high performance maneuvers necessary to win competitions. XC is also great for women and younger surfers with lower body mass and strength!

use on: Surfboards, Paddleboards, SUP's, Surfskis, Outrigger Canoes, Kiteboards, kayaks, or any poly or epoxy surface.

Use only on the bottom surface on surfboards! Apply to fins as well.

4oz. bottle will coat approximately five short boards and three long boards. Only a few bucks a coat! You can apply XC as much as you like for optimum performance. Each coat will build upon the last for the ultimate surface.

Surfboard wax and stickers will not adhere to surface once XC is applied. WE'LL GIVE YOU THE EDGE, THE REST IS UP TO YOU!