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Onit Deck Pad Cleaner


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DECK PAD CLEANER cleans and refreshes Deck pads and Wetsuits by removing dirt, oil, waxes, grime, blood, grass stains, suntan oil and lotions, urine, slime, sebum, airborne pollution diesel slick, bird droppings, soot and much more.

DPC is an advanced technology which is a non-toxic biodegradable green cleaner and is safe to use in and around the water and will not harm the deck pad, board or wetsuit.

DPC is “Free-rinsing” and will not leave any residue and is water-based and water-activated and works with either fresh or salt water, though fresh water works best.

Instead of attacking the grime like other cleaners it penetrates through it and separates it from the substrate so it can be rinsed away for a fresh and clean surface.


  1. Wet surface to be cleaned. 
  2. Spray on DPC
  3. Agitate it with a soft bristled brush for a minute or so to let it work.
  4. Rinse off while agitating with the brush to help get into all the nooks and crannies. 
  5. DPC is free rinsing so there should be no residue when rinsed off.
  6. Can be directly sprayed onto the dry pad, agitated and wiped away, but for best results, use water.