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Carver Flying Manta 31.5


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Carver has long been used as a training tool for surfing, from our work with surf schools around the world to our sponsorship of the USA Surf Team. So it was a natural to bring on a respected surf coach to the team and create a series of training videos to teach some of those techniques online. Enter Sean Mattison, former pro surfer, surfboard designer at Von Sol surfboards and longtime coach for the USA Surf Team. Sean was already using Carvers to train his athletes, so when we met up to discuss a collab he already had a vision for how we could give training tips to our riders.

Sean shared our vision for pairing one of his newest surfboard designs, the Flying Manta, with a Carver surfskate tuned to perform like it. What made this combo so easy was the fact that the Flying Manta was already designed to feel very skateboardy; it was a short, wide board meant to feel more like a skateboard on a watery ramp.

We rode extensively with Sean and worked with him to dial in the specifics of his skateboard, trying various lengths, concaves and widths, eventually narrowing the search down to the final 31.5” spoon nose/kick tail deck. We stretched out wheelbase by shortening the tail and mounting the truck to the angled nose so it has extra smooth flow and provides for a similar, wider stance like its namesake surfboard.