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Henderson Cold Stroke Beanie

The Neoprene Cold Stroke™ 2MM Beanie is one of the most important and versatile accessories in the SUPreme™ line-up. Your mother always told you to wear a hat … she understood that you lose the majority of your core body warmth through your head. Your head also takes a beating from UV exposure. The Neoprene Cold Stroke™ 2MM Beanie surrounds your head with the soft and conformable Quantum Foam™ Neoprene and our exclusive microfleece lining. Our beanie also includes an elastic tether, which easily attaches to the hat and shade loop included on all SUPreme™ Wetsuits, jacket, and tops. Whether you’re keeping warm or just escaping the sun, be sure to keep a SUPremeNeoprene Cold Stroke™ 2MM Beanie in your gear bag.

  • 100% flatlock construction
  • Quantum Foam™ with thermal microfleece lining
  • Exclusive sun and shade tether included