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Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness Group Classes

By taking the concept of stand-up paddling and incorporating fitness and low-impact core strengthening, you’ll understand the concept of the board, paddle and a workout for the body, mind and soul. Living and training in both California and Florida provided Mike Conlee the perfect opportunity to take up standup paddling as a fun, social activity, but after a few months of regular SUP sessions Mike noticed his favorite new pastime had toned his body more finely than it had been previously, and his clients were commenting on the changes. With the slogan, “There is nothing worse than a repetitive work-out” as his driving force, SUP was a natural fit for Mike’s lifestyle and drive for success. He began to incorporate regular SUP activities into his personal training and following an overwhelming response from his clients; SUP Core Fitness Classes were created.  Urban Kai also offers private lessons where you get one on one training for stand up paddle boarding.

These classes are designed to improve paddling technique, efficiency and speed, as well as turning skills, agility, and balance. Additional strength training activities are practiced on the board and the classes also include SUP exercise land based training. Each attendee is provided with the necessary equipment to participate in the SUP Fitness Class including boards and paddles (if you have your own equipment, there is a lower cost to the class). Participants can expect to have fun while learning intermediate to advanced skills that will enable them to fully benefit from the health and fitness results of stand up paddling.

Yoga on the Water (YOW)
$40 each (board provided) / $20 each (Bring Your Own Board)

YOW will help improve your movements on the water, then let the water awaken your yoga poses. A fun blend of relaxation & balance, YOW will be sure to take the advanced practitioner’s yoga to new levels and allow beginners an introduction to increase your core strength and flexibility while taking in the beauty of your natural surroundings. View Schedule or book it!

Kai Water Fitness
$40 each (board provided) / $20 each (bring your own board)

Are you ready to get an amazing core conditioning workout and have fun at the same time? Kai Fitness is a workout taught entirely on the paddleboard using mostly body weight exercises like planks, sit-ups, burpees, prone paddles and even plyo jumps! View Schedule or book it!

Warrior Zen Workout (Land & Water) @ Urban Kai
UK Members Free / $15 each for non-members (board provided)

Start out as a warrior and end in a Zen state with this workout. If you are looking for an amazing outdoor workout that will benefit any paddler and bring your mind to a zen state, then come try Urban Kai’s Warrior Zen Workout. The workout is done partly on land and partly on the water using stand-up paddle boards, trx bands, stability balls, bands and kettlebells. Come out and get your mind right and get fit at the same time! View Schedule or book it!


UK Members FREE / $10.00 for non-members

Join Mike for this one-hour balance and agility class designed to improve one’s overall balance, core strength, and flexibility. This class will incorporate Indo boards, bands, stability balls and the agility ladder. Indo boards offer an intense workout and are ideal for increasing leg strength. This class is also geared to improve your stand up paddle board skills.For the beginners, the IndoFLO Cushion is placed under the deck and you will experience a fluid 360-degree range of motion.For those who are advanced, we use the roller under the deck. The goal of Indo boards is to provide a fun and challenging way to exercise the bodies balance control system.Mike Conlee, the instructor, has background in Athletic Training. He is N.A.S.M., Premier, A.C.E. Paddle Fit, CPR/AED & Wilderness First Aid Certified.